Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something. (via fuckingz)

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do you ever hear a line in a song and it’s just so painfully clever you just sit there in shock for the remainder of the song

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  • person: so what music are you into?
  • me: are you sure you're ready for this conversation
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sorry i can’t go to school my earphones aren’t working

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getting caught taking selfies in public changes u as a person

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I text back embarrassingly fast

or three hours later

there is no in between

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zeus….. IS the father
*hera throws chair and has to be restrained by security titans*

That’s it. That’s Greek mythology.

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Some people theorize that one extra factor that made the Titanic sink was added weight from loads and loads of time-travelers attempting to prevent it from sinking.

#how to paradox

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